Pipe leaks prevent a plumbing inspection

There are two tests required for plumbing: the water intake and the drain/vent system. By plugging the future sink, shower and toilet intake pipes you separate the incoming water from the drain water.

The intake lines held without leaks but the drain pipes didn’t. Normally waters flows straight out of the drains into the septic system. But for inspection you have to fill the vent pipes from the roof, putting a massive amount of pressure on the drains. 

So tomorrow more work needs to happen to prevent two pipes from leaking. Frustrating!

I have to run a hose across the road because the septic and water lines haven’t been punched under the asphalt yet.

Electrical inspection success plus a deck and more!

There were nine correction tasks from the previous electrical inspection but one by one they were fixed. And so the inspector just needed to see that and then he signed off on it by stickering the electrical panel. What a relief!

We built a deck made with Batu hardwood from Indonesia and fitted thenon-demand water heater with a vent system:

Discovered electrical inspectors don’t give advice

The utility company said that an electrical inspector will make the final determination on the mast height etc and so I called an inspection to see what the inspector “thought”. Turns out they only have time to inspect, not to give advice.

So we plowed ahead and finished the electrical panel and misc items with the hope that they’re ok. A new inspection is set for Monday.