Today we had the water systems contractor arrive, since he needed to talk to the electrical contractor. The electrical contractor needed to know how to connect to the septic system, since the septic is a separate permit from the building permit and his quote did not cover the electrical connection. 

We also needed to discuss how to setup for a concrete pad that will support the water pump and utility room. And then we are switching to lights from the soffits instead of wall sconces for the courtyard exterior. And also…

The plumbers were also here and they need to know how high to bring the shower drain up from the floor. We installed it too low and now need to spend extra time and money raising it. Also there were other issues such as where the fridge will actually go so that water can connect to the ice maker. Etc, etc.

We also started to trench for water and propane lines and that adds complexity for the heat exchanger that will get installed on Monday. They need a flat surface and we won’t have one until Tuesday!

We also have to grade the back portion of the lot so as to allow for better drainage, and bring that soil into the courtyard, which is too low… 

The exterior siding continues to be placed on the structure. The bottom pieces are too big because the cement is only one inch above the landing and that’s too short.

And all of this happened before lunch! 


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