Inspiration 007: Old & New Together is like 2 + 2 = 5

“This project takes place in a small village in La Cerdanya, on the north valley side, south oriented the village’s heart consist on 20 houses, surrounded by fields and pastures where farming and agriculture are the main activities. Breathtaking views of the Cadi mountains make of this setting a piece of nature paradise.

Most of the buildings in the village organized enclosing an outside space called the “era”. The village plan shows how the old constructions were built in order to create ensembles of living and working units arranged around exterior enclosed spaces.  Overall they form a grid-like pattern of barns and stables as well as houses.”

To me it’s all about the contrasts: a striking exhibition of unlikeness

MG_813011-1024x682MG_7607-21-1024x682 MG_8063-copia MG_7544last MG_8144

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