Behold the Wafflemat!

So you may ask, what is a Wafflemat?

Wafflemat is a foundation forming system that works by creating a pattern of voids on the underside of concrete foundation slabs that absorbs expanding soil. When concrete is poured over the Waffleboxes, it forms deep beams in two directions that support the structure directly on the soil and creates a very rigid foundation.

I have chosen the Wafflemat solution for the foundation at my Mueller Road project because it:

  • Lowers carbon footprint and is used in LEED projects
  • Easily used by production, custom, and DIY builders
  • Works with either PT cable or rebar reinforcement
  • Minimizes soil excavation, off-haul, and in-haul
  • Allows accurate material quantity estimating
  • Easily inspected to ensure a high level of quality control

Here’s a couple of photos from a project out in Pleasant Hill, CA:

IMG_4034 IMG_4035

The “waffles” are basically recycled plastic boxes that are turned upside down in order to create spaces for the movement of soils throughout the dry and wet times of year. In addition you do not have to dig a perimeter trench and figure out where to dump the dirt. The green cables are used to create tension within the poured concrete while it cures, which is yet another beneficial alternative to using steel rebar.

In essence the Wafflemat is a simple and effective solution and the result is a less expensive, environmentally friendly, and attractive way to create both a foundation and final cement floor (if you polish and color the top layer).

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