Elevations have Arrived!

I have been dealing with Title 24 energy calculations, which in plain English means that in order to get a building permit you need to be compliant with projected energy usages based on the structure’s square footage, insulation for walls/ceilings/windows, etc.

I thought it would be straight-forward and just lease solar panels from SolarCity, but unfortunately you cannot offset your energy calculations with solar electricity. So I am looking at solar thermal heating for both radiant floor heat and pre-heating hot water in order to avoid propane. I have to weigh that option against a simple heat-pump system combined with propane.

But the good news is that many of the drawings for the plan set that I need for submitting a building permit are falling into place! The target for submitting the plan is June 18th!


View from the courtyard. Looking at the kitchen/living room/dining room. With bedroom live/work spaces on either side.

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