Inspiration 006: I Love this Structure AND I’m Confused

I came across this image:


I somehow love it and do not understand it at the same time.

I discovered it here:

Inspired by the character of Japanese larch forests, students from the College of Environmental Design (CED)at the University of California, Berkeley, designed a timber grid structure for their winning entry, Nest We Grow, in the fourth Lixil International University Architectural Competition. An elegant, recurring moment connection detailed by the team with Kengo Kuma and Associates and Oak Structural Design Office, both in Tokyo, ensure the rigidity of the four-story, 919-square-foot facility.

Here’s an interior view:


The purpose of the structure:

Per the design competition brief, Nest We Grow is intended to bring people and food together at the Lixil JS Foundation’s Memu Meadows research center in Taiki-cho, Hiro-gun, Hokkaido, Japan. Smith says the team hopes the permanent structure, which opened last November, fulfills this goal. “We want to build a sense of community,” he says.

An elevation drawing:


There is something to this structure that both intrigues and baffles me. It is an indoor/outdoor space that seems partly private yet very public. I can envision this becoming a residence by perhaps partitioning some interior spaces into little boxes within the big box. At the same time I love it just as it is.

What do you think?

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