How good is the Ikea online Kitchen Planner?

Not very, to say the least. “Tepid” is another word that is is used in this review. I have had enough frustration with the online kitchen planner that I’m going to pay an Ikea kitchen designer to come to my place and work with me face-to-face. The price starts at $199 but I feel it will be worth it. To geek it out online is too frustrating, and working with a computer at a busy store may drive me crazy (you have to use the same tool but there’s Ikea staff “nearby”).

For example, I tried to grab and move everything over in order to fit another unit next to the fridge but failed:


I was able to get a zoomed-in view and that was almost worth the pain of using the tool, but not quite:


Anyone master it?

One thought on “How good is the Ikea online Kitchen Planner?

  1. Hi Neill, I’m Mike at Inspired Kitchen Design. We design IKEA kitchens for people – most of whom find us googling about how much they hate IKEA’s home planner!

    All of the IKD team use the Home Planner every day for clients. I’d say yes we’ve mastered it, but it still has its quirks, such as the tall cabinet jumping away from the refrigerator in your design.

    Another issue is items missing in the Home Planner. Even IKEA associates can’t get those into the Home Planner.

    Our best tip is: when the IKEA associate converts your Home Planner item list into an actual IKEA order, that’s when you can have them add those items. The only downside is you won’t see what your kitchen will really look like before you buy.

    Here’s one of our posts that shares some known issues.

    Best of luck with your kitchen renovation. Let me know if IKD can help. – Mike


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