From Modular to Integrated

There are several benefits to choosing modular, factory-built homes:

  • Design Flexibility of Modular Housing
  • Speed of Modular Construction & Reduced Building Time
  • Modular Home are Better Quality Construction
  • Modular Housing: Inspection & Regulation
  • Stringent Building Codes
  • The Energy Efficiency of Modular Housing
  • Shipping, Stability & Superior Strength of Modular Homes
  • Modular Homes are Environmentally Friendly
  • Modular Housing Cost Considerations
  • Skilled Subcontractors

Read more here.

However, it falls on the developer to integrate the units so that the sum is somehow greater than the parts. Click the photo below to view a 360 degree site view and a movie of my three-unit integration plan:

150408_Loose Horizontal Wood

Three Studio Shed Modules

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